Do you find yourself daydreaming about a peaceful retreat in the countryside right about now? You’re not the only individual who feels this way! Being confined indoors for an extended period of time has only served to heighten our yearning to experience the fresh air and beauty of the natural world and to savor every moment we spend there. If you are one of the several city dwellers who are searching to exchange urban sprawl for remote escapism, then we have the ideas you want for your next adventure that will clear your head and cleanse your soul. 

The quiet of the country is calling to you; are you prepared to answer? Here are four distinct ways for you to escape the the city right now and put an end to that cabin fever you’ve been feeling. 

Strive to Understand the Cosmos

A trip to look at the stars is the ideal way to disconnect from the stresses of city life, rediscover the beauty of nature, and put your concerns out of your mind (if only for a little while). When you’re seriously considering the vastness of the spiritual realm and your spot in it, it’s difficult to be preoccupied with nagging thoughts when you’re gazing up at a sky filled with stars and awestruck by their beauty. 

It doesn’t make a difference where you live; if the conditions are right, you’ll be able to see the splendor of the universe no matter where you are. Get out of the city to find clear blue skies in the countryside, or use this page to look up the nearest available dark sky campground or reserve. 

After that, all you need for a once-in-a-lifetime stargazing excursion is a couple of blankets, a few chairs, a good pair of binoculars, and an app that will help you identify the various constellations. 

Make Excursions to Nearby Natural Attractions

How often have you opted to visit more remote locations across the world rather than visiting significant locations right in your back garden? We all have amazing natural sights that are within arms reach of our home cities, whether it’s a spacious lake or a beautiful mountain range, a little-known hiking trail, or a roaring waterfall. Making a checklist of all those sights and planning a trip to visit them in person is a nice excuse to venture out of the city for a few days and go in search of brand-new excursions. 

Disconnect From Your Electronic Devices

If there is one thing that the lockdown has taught us, it is that we need to make more time to relax, spend more time outside, and place a higher priority on taking breaks from our normal day-to-day activities. Fortunately, going somewhere off the grid makes it simple to complete all of the tasks listed above in a single session. 

If you want to take a vacation that is truly a “digital detox,” you should look for destinations that feature expansive vistas and unspoiled nature as the main attractions. It could be a self-sufficient cabin hidden away among mountain ranges, a campground that is blissfully isolated, or a quaint cottage that is just a few kilometers from the closest town center. If the Wi-Fi connection is a little patchy at best, or even better, if there’s no Wi-Fi at all, you get extra credit for your answer

Because you won’t be tempted to look at your email or swipe through your Instagram account, you’ll be able to give your full attention to what matters: pressing the “reset” button and enjoying spending time with the individuals you care about the most. 

Make Plans for a Relaxing Vacation in the Woods

Have you ever just gone for a wander through the forest without any particular destination in mind? That means you weren’t trying to follow a walking trail, you weren’t arranging a campground, and you didn’t have a particular location in mind — you were simply there to be present. You had no strategy in mind. 

The concept of shinrin-yoku, also known as forest bathing, originates from Japan and refers to the act of practicing mindfulness in natural settings. It is not often that we find ourselves in the wilderness without anything to see or do, but this is the basis of the practice. Not only is going for a walk in the woods incredibly easy to do, but it also has a wide range of health benefits, including a reduction in feelings of anxiety as well as an increase in feelings of happiness and other things. 

So, how exactly can you organize your very own trip to go forest bathing? Choose a location that is connected to nature, such as a hotel near a wildlife sanctuary or a rustic cabin tucked away inside a nature reserve, and make it a point to stay there for at least a few days in order to experience the full benefits of this common activity. 

When it comes time to go hiking in the wilderness, make sure to abandon your smartphone and camera at the trailhead. The only thing that is required of you is to stroll around mindlessly and steadily, making an attempt to take in and appreciate the sounds and sights that you come across along the way. Spend some time appreciating the natural beauty around you by taking a deep breath of the clean air, listening to the birdsong, and gazing at the sunlight as it shines through the tree branches. 

Utilizing all five of your senses to fully engross yourself in your environment while also calming your thoughts, body, and soul is essential to the practice of forest bathing.