The training that we provide on agile leadership has been one of the programs that have seen the highest demand from Fortune 500 companies this year. When you run your own company, you should always be prepared for the unexpected. A successful entrepreneur can adjust to new difficulties and circumstances and can make lemonade out of lemons. As a result of the things that the world requires from us, we have developed programs that we never would have thought we would. Have a viable plan, but be willing to adapt as necessary.


We want to inspire bravery in businesses all over the world and get them on board with a future that is good for the environment. Yours could be to enhance the mental well-being of humanity or reduce the amount of stress that people are under by developing a product that is simpler to use. Make sure that whatever your purpose is, you are deeply passionate about it, and that it is the thing that drives you to take action. Make use of the power of your purpose to give you courage in the face of challenges.

New Powers (and Kryptonite)

When we zeroed in on our greatest assets and worked to improve them, we saw increased levels of success. We solved a problem that our customers were having by coordinating our strengths, values, and the services we wanted to offer to them to meet their needs.

For instance, one of my superpowers is advising companies on how to best realize their potential and prepare for the future. The  Achilles’ heel is losing focus on the big picture while focusing on the minute details of spreadsheets. This is where Jenna enters the picture. She is in charge of operations, and her superpower is to keep our company financially secure while also ensuring that it continues to grow. I’m the one with the big picture, and she’s the one who brings it to life.

Ensure that your strengths are congruent with the objectives and principles of your company. Select individuals who have superpowers that you don’t have and befriend them.


To be successful in a world that is changing at an exponential rate, you need to keep an open mind if you want to run a successful business. Be interested in learning new skills as well as different approaches to resolving issues. Challenges will present themselves, but if you keep your curiosity peaked, you’ll always solve in a positive frame of mind. Ask yourself, “What kind of bravery will this situation require of me?”

Even though curiosity led to the demise of the cat, it continues to fuel the expansion of businesses. (Anyway, we’re more of a dog company than a cat one, but no offense intended.)

A Positive Culture Within the Company

Make sure that everyone on the team feels secure, capable, and able to contribute ideas while also being open to receiving them. You will have a significant advantage over competitors who are only interested in making money if you cultivate personal connections with both your team and your customers (yes, business is personal). Create a constructive culture within your company so that your team can reach its full potential.

The Functional Basis of Operations

Even though you don’t want to get dragged down in processes and procedures you need a strong operational foundation for your business if you want it to succeed. Gain a comprehension of the legal, financial, and organizational infrastructure of the team. Keep an open mind while maintaining an “aggressively conservative” stance, as we like to say. We sometimes leap, but always with a net behind us. Create streamlined processes for your company so you can concentrate on providing excellent service to your clients.

Moral Rectitude

Trust is lost over time because so many people make promises they cannot keep. It is in everyone’s best interest to significantly exceed their promises. Pay exactly what you’ve promised to pay, and do it sooner than you’ve promised. Our relationships with our customers are characterized by a high level of depth and trust. We work to strengthen the community. Because we wouldn’t burn bridges but rather build them, we continue to receive callbacks from customers five years after we’ve completed a single program for them. You need to turn up your heart, refrain from being a jerk, and keep your word.

Don’t Put Your Faith in a Company That’s Not Your Own

A modification to the terms and conditions of use for PayPal was ultimately responsible for the demise of Easy Selling. It began freezing finances for high-volume sellers in 2007, most likely as a response to the growing number of fraudulent transactions. It had such a severe impact on my cash flow that it was ultimately fatal to the business.

Many of these teachings continue to serve as the basis for our decision-making. The most important thing we learned was that we could create something with a global reach from the comfort of our bedroom using nothing other than a computer and some spare time.

Obtain the Greatest Value for Your Investment

It took the same amount of work to sell an item that cost R 900 (with a profit of R140) as it did to sell an item that cost R 7000 (with a profit of R1400). So we started going to yard sales, where there was a greater variety of items available at higher prices.

Give Your Attention to the Task at Hand

When we compared the amount of time we spent packaging individual products to the costs associated with shipping those individual products, we discovered that mobile phones required the least amount of effort and were the least expensive to ship. Soon after, higher-priced items that were more compact took up so much of our time that we decided to start a separate company that specialized in selling used phones.


Never question what you are capable of accomplishing, but also avoid becoming overly optimistic about it. Put your preconceptions about people to the side and try to understand them as whole people. Always make an effort to assume the best of intentions and search for constructive solutions. Assume that other people will perform to the best of their abilities until proven otherwise. And even in that case, conduct yourself with grace when ending any relationship. Instead of operating from a place of scarcity, live and work from an abundance mindset.

Careful Personnel Selection

Take some time to consider the people you want to join your organization. Not only do we look for candidates with the required level of expertise, but we also look for certain types of people. We look for people who are passionate about our mission and hire them. A person who can be flexible and learn alongside us. Who is eager to put in the effort for the benefit of a common goal?