WIN R20 000 by 19 December

WIN R20 000 by 19 December
All you need to do to win this cash is to enter this competition for free. Have you heard the say that goes “good things in life are for free”. I guess your answer is YES. You have nothing to loose, all you need is to fill a small registration form and enter the competition.
To increase your chance of winning, you can enter as many times as you can. You only register once. The good thing is that you can even login with your Facebook so that you do not have to struggle with creating new login details.
The first competition is for a R20 000 cash and the draw date is 19 December. Yes only few days left. So enter now.

Here are some of other competitions you can enter:

A R2000 Checkers voucher can go a long way. With the current food prices, you can be assured that your December budget is complemented. All you need to do is have faith and enter these competitions. The best of all is that entering these competitions is absolutely free.
R1500 Takealot voucher is what you need this December. You can buy some gifts, toys for the kids or just anything you like. It’s your choice to make. Enter the R1500 Takealot voucher competition.

All I can say to you now is Good luck.
Please share this if you want your friends to win also.
Competition ended/closed