Things to Do With Your Matric Results [Pass or Fail]

After receiving your matric results, you might get confused on what to do next. Whether it’s a pass or fail, there is something you can do with your matric results.
How your matric pass can shape your future 
The type of pass level you obtained at the end of matric determines whether you will study at a university, university of technology or TVET college.

If you passed with a Higher Certificate Pass, you can attend any of the following tertiary institutions after you complete Grade 12:

  • A bridging course at an TVET college.
  • Trade schools like beauty schools, chef schools or IT colleges.
  • In-house training in various industries.

You can also apply for manual or administrative positions at various companies.
If you passed with a Diploma Pass, you can enrol for:

  • Bridging courses at TVET colleges.
  • Diploma courses at various universities, and universities of technology.

Since universities of technology focus on practical learning, you’ll usually find that a diploma is shorter than a university degree, but includes a much larger practical component.
1.Study at University
If you passed with a Bachelor’s Pass, you can study at any tertiary institution in South Africa, as long as you have met the requirements for your chosen field of study.

When you have an idea about what you want to study, do a little research about the job security, demand, and work availability in that field so that you can make an informed decision about your future. You can get assisted by EduCourses for free to find the right course to study.
2. Apply for Bursaries to fund your studies
Various tertiary institutions offer bursaries (with varying opening and closing dates) that will help you further your studies. You can find some more information here. However, be sure to contact them directly for other alternatives as well.
3. Apply for Learnerships and Begin Training While Earning Income
A learnership programme could be a good start for you if you did not manage to get a bursary. A learnership is a programme where people with just grade 12 can be offered some training for a certain period but also getting an income at the same time.
After completing your learnership programme, you are supposed to get a certificate indicating the unit standards you have completed. With this certificate, you can use to apply for a job or use it to complement your other academic results to gain access to tertiary training. To find recent learnerships click here or use the search button to find positions available posted on this website.