SATI Bursaries for 2020

The SATI bursaries are only available to students who are in financial need. Second-, third- and fourth-year  students are eligible for the SATI bursaries. Successful applicants must submit an affidavit affirming that they have not been granted other bursaries or funding to cover the same expenses as those for which the SATI bursary is awarded.

Bursaries For Translation Or Interpreting Studies / Language Practice

They will also have to prove that they have access to other funding to cover the rest of their expenses and fees for the year.

In addition to the above, bursary applicants must –

  • be enrolled at a South African tertiary institution for formal training in translation, interpreting and/or other aspects of language practice;
  • be in the second, third or fourth year of an undergraduate qualification in translation, interpreting and/or language practice;
  • have obtained an average mark of over 65% for all subjects in language practice in their studies in 2019;
  • have not failed any of the subjects that they have registered for in the year that they receive the bursary;
  • be South African citizens; and
  • work in combinations of the official languages.

How are the bursaries allocated?

Since SATI funding for bursaries is limited, it is important that it is allocated to students with a high chance of success in their studies and who are likely to make a positive contribution to the profession upon completion of their qualification.

For this reason, although financial need is the primary criterion, applicants are also assessed on the basis of their marks to date.

Other factors that may be taken into account are previous SATI awards, professional engagement and languages combinations. 

SATI is not in a position to offer bursaries to cover the full costs of a course of study, therefore making an award to a student who has no means of covering the remaining costs would be futile.

As mentioned above, the Institute will thus require any successful applicant to prove that with the SATI bursary they will be in a position to pay the total amounts related to their course for the year prior to the bursary being awarded.

They are also required to disclose details of any other awards that they have received or expect to receive.

Note that should an award be made, the bursary will be paid out only once proof of registration for the course concerned for that year has been submitted. Bursaries are paid out in two tranches: 50% at the beginning of the year and the remaining 50% in the second semester upon submission of the student’s first-semester results showing an average mark for all subjects in language practice of more than 65%.

Application procedure

The bursary application form can be requested from the SATI office at CLICK HERE. Applications are open from November of each year. Applications must be submitted by 28 February 2020. No late applications will be considered.