Bursaries and Scholarships Closing in January 2019

Bursaries and Scholarships Closing in January 2019

Find a list of bursaries closing in January 2019.

Are you still looking for a  bursary or scholarship for 2019 academic studies? Well don’t stress because there are still bursaries available.


How to apply for these bursaries and scholarships

  1. Open the link by clicking on the name of the bursary you want to apply for.
  2. Check the requirements for application for that bursary or scholarship.
  3. Also check the fields of study funded.
  4. Download the bursary application form where possible.
  5. Complete the bursary application form.
  6. Also include the other documents required on your application such as ID document and statement of results.
  7. Send your bursary application via email where possible or address the package to the relevant address provided for postal or hand delivery.
  8. Wait for response from the bursary office

Note: if you do not hear from the bursary office at least two months after the closing date of applications you can assume that your application was unsuccessful.
Repeat step 1 to step 8 for other bursary or scholarship opportunities. Hoping you will find this info useful and you will share with friends and family.
Good luck on your application and academic year of your studies.
Find more bursaries on Google search 
Do not loose hope, there are plenty of funding opportunities for your studies.