Best CV Layouts You Must Follow

Best CV Layouts You Must Follow

A typical CV format consists of the following eight sections:

  1. Personal information (name, contact details and address)
  2. Personal profile
  3. Career Summary
  4. Education
  5. Work experience
  6. Skills and Achievements
  7. Hobbies and interests
  8. References

It is very important to get this CV structure correct.
All CVs differ from each other slightly in the ordering of the sections, however, the thing that does stay the same is roughly the inclusion of the information listed above.
It is not possible to have a CV which hasn’t got a personal information section at the top.
In the same way, it is not possible to be in your late 40s and not have a work experience section on your CV!

In what circumstances can I change the format of my CV?’

That is an excellent question!
The following are the circumstances in which your CV format might change:

  • The type of job (and in which sector) you are applying for

It is not uncommon to see the education section and work experience section of a CV being swapped around depending on the type of job applied for…
Some job vacancies put a lot of emphasis on formal education and therefore the format of your CV should accommodate this and place the education section before your work experience.
In other cases; you might have excellent work experience but a poor education, in which case your work experience section will come before your education section.

  • Where you are in your career so far

Your age, background and current circumstances might affect the format of your CV.
For example, if you’re still in school and are looking for your first job, you may want to skip the work experience section from your CV and put a lot of focus on your skills and education.
To summarise, although there is such a thing as a ‘typical CV format’ this does not mean that all CVs will have exactly the same formatting. The CV format will change depending on the job you are applying for and where you are in your career so far.
Source: CVPlaza